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Birthdate:Apr 25
Location:Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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I've just realised that I hadn't updated my profile in YEARS, and I have a batch of new friends thanks to the 2017 Revival so this is most definitely due an update.

I am in my late 30s and I live in Reading, a town not all that far from London. I was born in Hampshire and grew up in Plymouth in Devon. I hated it there and left to come to Uni in Reading as soon as I could. I did a degree in Zoology, had a year out to travel including to Africa, then did an MSc in Wildlife Management. After that I lived and worked in Peru for a year, doing conservation work in the rainforest and meeting some amazing people. After that I drifted away from science for a variety of reasons, and ended up working for more than 10 years on databases of various sorts. However last September I took voluntary redundancy from my job at Reading University, and started a PhD with Reading and the Institute of Zoology at the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), looking at the population dynamics of a critically endangered bird called the Mauritius Fody. This is a huge deal for me; I'm also working quite closely with the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation and some people from Durrell Wildlife, including the conservation superstar Carl Jones. I haven't met him yet but I can't wait until I do. Gerald Durrell was my hero when I was growing up, so working with them is going to be amazing. I will be posting about this PhD a LOT.

I tend to obsess about tennis and in particular about Andy Murray, who in case you didn't know just BLOODY WENT AND WON WIMBLEDON AGAIN. YES HE DID. He is awesome. Sometimes I write posts just for the sake of wittering on about it and him and tennis. I totally adored London 2012 (and Rio 2016) and I love almost all sport, except boxing (even though Murray loves it). I've been lucky enough to meet Andy twice, at the World Tour Finals tennis at the O2 each November, and I have been shaking with glee each time. He is made of awesome. That's me on the left, and my Mum, and Andy holding a Lego Andy that Leo made for him.

I am married to Tom:

He is frequently mentioned here but is rarely the star, as he's fiercely private. I'm unlikely to ever reveal or discuss anything that impinges on his privacy; no juicy stories here. Suffice to say that I love him very much, and he puts up with me with endless patience :D

We have a son, Leo, who is five and a half; bossy, know-it-all, clever, generous, kind, silly, loves dancing in the nude, loves arguing with EVERYTHING, and is currently obsessed with Star Wars, Lego, and Star Wars Lego.

I will also sometimes mention my parents Linda and Anthony (still married to each other, living near Salisbury) and my sister Veronica who works as a fundraising manager for Madison Square Park in New York City and has met far more celebrities than I have.

I also love cats and have two particularly insane and hairy ones. I find them very hard to photograph well, but here's Fusedale (mostly known as Fuzzy, Fuzz, Fuzzball or Fuzzbeast:


And his brother who was sort-of the runt of the litter and is still not entirely there in the head, Jedi:


I tend to talk about them quite a lot in this journal and want to get more decent photos of them both; though the black / white contrast of Fuzz is hard to manage and Jedi generally turns into a glowing white blob with an indistinct black background. I'm learning, though.

I have a couple of Hugh Laurie / House icons, courtesy of mrs_huddles. The OMGWTF icon courtesy of ogam. Several others courtesy of rainbowgraphics.
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