Jan. 2nd, 2013

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Things I am excited about:

Leo sleeping better. I really really really really really hope it's the soy avoidance making the difference. Last night he slept 8-3:30, woke twice after that, but slept until well after 7!

Two new David Attenborough series at once! Galapagos started last night I think (we recorded it) and then Africa tonight.

Wonders of Life starting in a couple of weeks with Lovely Lovely Brian. The trailer is really worth watching:

I love how different Brian is to David Attenborough. Attenborough tries to be as unobtrusive as possible- hence the blue shirt and cream chinos he always wears), whereas Brian is happy to be the star as much as the animals are. I can't decide if this is the sort of dumbing-down that the BBC is always being accused of, or whether it simply makes the science more accessible. I think the latter, actually, as some of the more abstract concepts in Wonders of the Solar System and Universe are made more engaging when explained on-screen rather than with a dry voice-over.

I can't remember if I posted on my Christmas present list that Tom got me a remote control for my camera. It's brilliant! It means that for the traditional Christmas photo there was no dashing across the room to get into the photo after pushing the button; and as my camera has the screen as well, I could even frame the photo while standing in the photo- then push the button! Magic. Here's my hand, testing the remote:

And here's the best couple of photos that I ended up with:

Moving on to Northampton, here's Rachael with her boys:

And here's a slightly-blurred-but-I-like-it-anyway portrait of Stuart and Arnie the puppy:

I STILL have a nasty cough most of the time, and whenever I cough or sneeze I have a shooting headache on the right side of my skull. I can't wait for it to clear up. I don't feel ill, but I want it to go anyway!

I have some proper time off at the end of January. I have booked the week off work so I'll be at home Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning; I'll have Thursday afternoon with Leo and then on Friday Tom will take him to his parents for two whole days! So I won't see him from Friday morning until Sunday afternoon. I really need it though, as you will have gathered. It will be the first time I've not seen Leo for a whole day, but he'll be nearly 20 months by then and I think we can both cope with it. He loves Tom and his grandparents anyway so I don't expect he'll miss me! I will miss him but I am also aware that I *need* to be away from him for a while in order to miss him. I will use the time to do some gardening, probably go to the spa, relax at home, and so on. And sleep! Though Leo will be sleeping through the night by then.....

Leo is currently a HUGE fan of spaghetti bolognese. Last night he had half of a ready meal, carefully checked for salt content and so on- the entire portion disappeared very quickly and then there was just a pleased looking, bright orange boy! Funny little thing. I also made some home-made yesterday with Quorn, so I'll give him some of that tomorrow to see how he likes it in comparison with meat versions. He's always liked pasta but clearly spaghetti is where it's at. I am also slowly checking all the standard things Tom and I eat for soya so that I can feed him leftovers. He likes noodles too- and the satay stir fry sauce I sometimes use is soy-free. Black bean sauce isn't! But stir fry with Quorn and satay sauce might go down well. Or I could take a portion of the veg out for him before I add tofu for us.


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