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In the grand tradition of [ profile] maleghast[ profile] evilbun[ profile] reznorsedge and others, I've decided that I'm going to do a Photo Project. Theirs were all a photo-a-day sort of thing I think, so mine is different in that respect. I'm going to try to take a photo of all the bird species I've seen in our garden, and I'm going to try to do it in a year. It's going to be difficult, possibly even impossible, but I'm going to try. Yesterday was the first day that counted, and I started by recording species #33 but also getting a photo of it:

That's far from the best photo of a sparrowhawk ever taken, but it'll do! Allow me a quiet moment of excitement here that we get three types of raptor flying over our entirely standard suburb!

So the list at present (in no particular order) is as follows:

1. Feral pigeon
2. Wood pigeon
3. Collared dove
4. Swan
5. Canada goose
6. Grey heron
7. Great tit
8. Blue tit
9. Long-tailed tit
10. Coal tit
11. Crow
12. Rook
13. Magpie
14. Jay
15. Blackbird
16. Song thrush
17. Robin
18. Dunnock
19. Goldfinch
20. Redpoll
21. Greenfinch
22. Starling
23. Red kite
24. Buzzard
25. Sparrowhawk
26. Herring gull
27.Lesser black-backed gull
28. Black-headed gull
29. Swallow
30. Swift
31. Housemartin
32. Greater spotted woodpecker
33. Nuthatch

The ones marked in red are the ones that are going to be really difficult. Swans fly over, but very quickly, and I think I only saw two pairs right at the beginning of spring so that's going to be a case of being there with my camera at the right moment. Likewise the heron, which I've only seen once-it was probably heading for the pond in the park. The jay I only saw once, out of the front of the house where I don't spend much time. The redpoll I've also only seen once, and the woodpecker I hear all the time but have only caught a glimpse of. I'd have put the nuthatch in red as well- I've only seen one, but I could very easily have got a photo if I'd had my camera next to me as it was hanging around our bird feeders for ages. So I'll leave that one black for now. I think if I fail, but it's with one of these species in red, I won't be too disappointed.

Clearly I have photos of some if not most of these already; but using photos I've already taken makes that side of things way too easy! So only photos taken between 22nd May 2010 and 21st May 2011 will count. I'm also not expecting all of them to be portrait quality shots; though some really nice photos would be a plus. For the purposes of this project, a species will count if I can see it while standing within our house / garden; it's not just those that actually set foot on our property. I've made a public web album for the shots here, and I'll keep that updated as I go along.

Enough writing, though; I should get dressed, feed the birds, and take up station in the conservatory with my camera!
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