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This is my story written for [personal profile] caddyman 's Halloween ghost or horror story challenge. The story has to be at most 500 words and has to be inspired by a song lyric. I think my source is glaringly obvious but then I would- I wrote it!

That morning, the sun didn’t come up.

It just stayed dark; commuters drove to work almost as normal that first day, but no work got done. People stood by office windows and just inside doorways looking at the intensely black sky, sipping their coffees, and wondering what it meant.

The world went crazy, slowly. News channels proclaimed the end of the world, almost eagerly; there was nothing but news channels, that day; but later, as satellites started falling out of the sky, the channels went dark one by one. Supermarket shelves were emptied and, for the most part, stayed empty; in the early days, people starved to death. Later, that changed.

Previously secret Governmental Committees came out of hiding, frantically updating sci-fi-esque emergency plans written by bespectacled secretaries decades ago. But all policies were woefully inadequate for the new realities of life without sunshine.

And after no more than a couple of days, as the trees and crops were yellowing and the first millions (in Africa and other third world areas) were already dying, the monsters came out. Turns out vampires, ghosts and other horrible things do exist. They were getting hungrier, and they weren't scared any more; or at least, no more scared than anyone else in this terrifyingly dark world. They preyed on everyone, they did not discriminate; people disappeared, or were found bonelessly dead, or drained of blood and with their eyes popped out.

Some people stayed at home to try to escape them; but they died of starvation or just of despair, and then corpses were sniffed out by the werewolves, and homes and bodies destroyed. The sound (and smell) of a pack feeding attracted more packs until some areas of larger cities were ghettos of werewolves feeding off anyone left behind, and each other.

Other people went out, and were asphyxiated by ghosts, their warmth and humanity sapped and their bodies left for the scavengers.

And if you survived those, the vampires preyed; but as many people as they killed, they turned; and without sunlight there was no getting away from them. They laughed at garlic, they preened themselves in mirrors and they slavered at you before ripping out your throat (if you were lucky).

Zombies were worst of all. They could pass for alive, if they were new enough; many innocents failed to notice the gleaming eyes, and died while thankfully welcoming home a spouse, or a child, or a friend.

While there were still scientists, people tried to find out what happened to the sun. But it was just gone. And then, the scientists were gone too, their skills lost or just forgotten in the endless struggle to stay alive. It doesn’t take long, in these circumstances, to turn people into beasts; food is food, no matter what (or who) it used to be. The definition of what it meant to be human changed, if anyone had been taking note.

The worst part? Such a simple thing. It was all her fault.

Date: 2009-10-16 11:28 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Splendid. Though I'd never guess the origin until you told me the line!

Now I have to think up a way of book marking these so I can link them to the entry I'll be posting on Halloween proper!

Date: 2009-10-19 04:50 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I want to say it's but I won't be surprised if it isn't. ;-)

Date: 2009-10-20 12:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It's not that, no; but you're along the right lines and the last line I think gives a pretty big clue.

Date: 2009-10-31 04:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Now I've seen the list of options I have to say duh, yes, I should have got that. ;-)

Date: 2009-10-31 04:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Smashing stuff, love the twist / tie-in, but then I didn't read it until I'd seen the list, so I'm a big cheat :-)

Date: 2009-11-01 11:02 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That was great!


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